Rankmytip provides a platform for the investors (Experts as ‘Tipsters’ and Layman as ‘Subscribers’) to invest the money into the stock market. Here, one type of registered users are the ‘Tipsters’ who are confident of the skilful investment they do and are likely to generate positive returns over a period of time because of the experience they hold in stock market. These tipsters can make money through the quality advice they give for the timely investment (entry and exit) and in return charge the money from their ‘subscribers’ who are the second type of the registered users, the money tipsters charge varies between the time period: week to year. The tipsters tips are divided into 2 categories – ‘Intraday’ (entry and exit of the stock on the same day) and the ‘Delivery’ (no time bounds).

The tipster’s advisory service goes in a perfect and transparent manner by the method below: A registered tipster logs-in in the website, where in he sees the list of 5000+ tradeable companies of the sensex (stock market, NSE/BSE) duplicated into two categories – Intraday / delivery, along with each category he sees the buy and sell buttons, he is free to select any company from the list and buy it, eventually over a period of time he should sell the same company before doing another ‘buy’ transaction, these transactions are available to the admin along with the category name (intraday/delivery), company and the time of buy/sell of the company, with reference to the time of transaction done, the admin fills-in the buy and sell prices of the various companies transacted by the tipsters. End-of-the-day, total returns are calculated for each of the tipster, based on the returns generated, two tables are charted out for each of the category – Intraday and delivery that shows the ranking of the various tipsters according to the total returns generated for each of the time slots ranging from day to since inception; these tables are seen in the homepage, the table not only shows the returns but discloses all the squared transactions of tipsters and gives all the necessary information about the tipsters along with their subscription charges, to the guest/anonymous users.

Guest users satisfies themselves by looking at the consistent performers of top ranking tipsters and might be interested in subscribing to a tipster(s) for the charges they have stated, to subscribe, they got to register as ‘Subscribers’, log-in, select the tipster, select the category and the time period of the subscription and pay the stated amount, hence forth, whenever the respective tipster does any transaction, real-time, live reports of the same are provided to subscribed clients in their login dashboard, Emails and SMS are fired instalty; till subscription period ends.